Percussive Synth release v1.3: Changelog

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Percussive Synth release v1.3: Changelog

  • Stopping the app after 5 minutes of background inactivity to save battery life while keeping the state of unsaved presets
  • Synth params randomizer and sequence randomizer under the settings menu - want to try your luck to get a happy accident?
  • Fixed import synths preset target file extension - it used to allow any kind of file.
  • New presets are provided by an independent creator - I ended up setting up an Upwork job to create presets. I'm happy with the result. If anyone's willing to share - please do it at any time. You can put an easter egg as a preset name ;)
  • A new UI cue intended to make it easier to get acquainted with the sequencer - I've encountered another review where someone struggled to figure out how the sequencer works. The main issue is distinguishing between navigator, where you select an active region, and workspace, where you enter actual notes. Now, if users try to enter notes using the navigator, e.g. tapping on the same place multiple times, the warning text appears (as it used to do since an earlier release), but now it's highlighted by the bright background, and the whole navigator becomes dimmed for a few seconds.
  • Google and Facebook analytics were added for running app promotion - For Google and Facebook algorithms to know what advertisement strategies and audiences are successful - they need to track app installs, and that requires integration with their SDKs. The app does not process personal information in any way. It only notifies Google and Facebook of app installs and collects some usage information - play and export/import preset actions. With that done, I hope to run effective ad campaigns.

Also, I've updated the landing page -
I hope now it looks more attractive and informative 😎

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